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CIW Certification

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CIW comprises the world's fastest growing vendor-neutral Web technology education and certification programs for professionals.

More than a certification series or a curriculum publisher, CIW has become the educational standard adopted by academic institutions, governments and businesses worldwide for Web technology skills. CIW includes applications and competencies, but our core curriculum focuses on the foundational standards of the Web, including Web design, Web development and Web security.

CIW certifications verify that certified individuals have the skills necessary to master a technology-driven world. In today's competitive workplace, certified CIW professionals have proven abilities that set them apart from other Web professionals.

For individuals looking to start a career in Web technologies or continue their studies, CIW enables them to validate their competency in four distinct areas to potential employers:


  • Web Foundations
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Security

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Web Foundations Series

Web Foundations Associate Certification

Web Design Series

Web Design Professional Certification

Web Development Series

Web Development Professional Certification

Web Security Series

Web Security Professional Certification


CIW Certification Map

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CIW Certification road map

Web Development Series

The CIW Web Development series includes four certifications. A candidate can earn any of three separate specialist-level certifications individually. Those candidates who pass all three specialist exams will also be awarded a professional-level certification. CIW Web Development Professional is the highest-level certification in the CIW Web Development series.



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